EOSHD says RX100M2 video no match for Panasonic G6

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Re: EOSHD guy makes sense

Orange42 wrote:

That sums up what EOSHD says which is, if you need to run and gun without a tripod, use the RX100. If you are taking a tripod and want the best bang for buck image, then the G6 looks like it's the one. I agree. I see some video improvement with the G6 but the RX100 holds out surprisingly well and, of course, has better stabilisation. I've put a youtube vid up but it seems to be stuck on 720p at the moment. *edit, seems it was just rendering. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VjRAKR_Btzo

I think you're summed it up quite nicely. EOSHD are probably not far from the truth - it's just the fact that the claims are so exaggerated that gets me. But I guess he's not the only blogger who thrives on hyperbole (I'm thinking Ken Rockwell) - I guess it attracts plenty of clicks.

Thanks for the video sample - from a fellow New Zealander too I see! I have my RX100M2 now though and am very happy with its video quality.

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