Canon Powershot S110 or EOS M?

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Re: Don't Forget the G15

Peter Berglund wrote:

Since it's now 9 months since I started this thread let me tell you what I ended up doing, in case it may interest some folks.

I couldn't justify spending enough money for a Sony RX-100 or an EOS M (which at the time got more and more bad criticism for its slow AF).

In Dec 2012 the Canon S-100 suddenly dropped in price substantially. I cannot remember the price anymore but I decided to buy it. Whid this camera we took amazing pictures. Even indoors without flash at f <3, with IQ our SX210 wouldn't have come close to.

In June, Canon released the firmware update for the EOS M (faster AF) and suddenly the prices dropped to $300 for the body with the 22 mm prime. We picked it up and couldn't be happier. It fits nicely in my shorts cargo pocket and I'm finally getting to experience being creative with depth-of-field etc. Of course, the IQ is magnitudes above any P&S I've ever used.

We still use the S-100 at times, especially for everyday stuff such as taking the stroller to the park, but also when we anticipate we will need the zoom or flash for whatever reason.

With 20-20 hind sight, would I have been better off doing something else? I don't think so. I got a great P&S and a mirrorless for less than what the RX100 would have cost and I think I have a more versatile setup now that what I would've got with the Sony alone. Sure, I could've got a DSLR but I know for sure I would've ended up taking most of the outdoor shots with the old SX210 since my hands most of the time are busy holding a 2-year old and a tricycle or diaper bag...

Next step: follow the development with Canon's mirrorless program. Maybe get a flash or a zoom lens before the winter darkness (moving from NC to Seattle). I'll probably upgrade to some future M (M3 or 4?) when it gets compelling.


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Thanks for doing the update even after 9 months of time.  It's good to know what people ended up doing.

Yesterday I just bought an S110.  So far so good.  I wanted to get a quality camera that I can easily carry in my pocket.  I also have a 5D Mk2 that I tend to leave at home unless I am out for a dedicated day or trip for photography.  I also have a G11 that I rarely use and a Sony NEX-7 that I like a lot.  I use the NEX-7 the most.

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