RX100 vs Rx100 Mk2 Sharpness Test - A quick take.

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Chet Meyerson
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RX100 vs Rx100 Mk2 Sharpness Test - A quick take.

Evening all,

OK, so now I have both cameras in hand. In another post, Elliot, has written a rather extensive outline of how he would like to see this test performed. I believe it involved taking something like 32 photos in all with different f/stops, ISO's etc. This is not that test. I wanted to see quickly just how this two compare and move on on way or the other.

Besides how they came packaged (see another thread on that) a few quick notes about the cameras. While they look almost identical, they feel like two different cameras. The MK2 is noticeably heaver and slightly thinner that to me that makes them feel completely different in the way they handle. I would not have guessed that at all by reading and looking at the specs. The Mk2 feels like a serious camera (hefty) and a tad awkward and the Mk1 feels like every other point and shoot. Small, lightweight, nimble, easy to fit in your pocket. I'm not even sure you need the add on grip with the MK1. Other than that, of course they look a bit different but we all know the differences there.

RE: Camera setup
Here is how I set up the cameras for this JPEG sharpness test. Both cameras were reset to the factory settings with the mode dial in A (green). I did not set the time! The the following changes were made: ISO was set to 200 (first common ISO setting available), Mode dial set to A and aperture set to f/1.8 for and then f/11 for the first round. Then the Sharpness was set to +3 on both cameras and the apeture was f/11 fiollowed by f/1.8 for the second round. All other camera settings were as per the reset.

They were mounted on tripods and the tripods were set next to each other (not exactly the same view, but close enough). Exposure was a button push - this should have been the 2 sec timer but I forgot although I'm not sure it would make any difference (but if you're looking for an excuse for the MK2 images this is as good as any).

The exposures were as follows taken simultaneously (I pushed both buttons at the same time). The camera picked the shutter speed (they were not the same) and auto-focused. Here are the 4 pairs of exposures and the settings the camera chose:

Sharpness 0 (zero)

At f/1.8 RX100 chose 1/500 the Mk2 chose 1/400

At f/11 the RX100 chose 1/13 the Mk2 chose 1/10

Sharpness +3

At f/11 RX100 chose 1/13 the Mk2 chose 1/8

At f/1/8 RX100 chose 1/400 the Mk2 chose 1/320

That's a total of 8 exposures. The images are in the the following order; first 4 frames are the RX100 (f/1.8 0, f/11 0, f/11 +3, f/1.8 +3) and the next 4 frames are the Rx100 Mk2 (same sequence). All files can be seen here as I've been having problems uploading to this site lately.


My conclusions are this. And before anyone goes ripping into me, this is my test and my conclusions. You may want to do your own testing!! (I highly suggest that). Remember, your mileage WILL vary, your cameras are different and this is by no means a definitive test.

The RX100 (original version) produces sharper JPEG at each setting compared to the Mk2.  The Mk2 at Sharpness +3 is very similar to the RX100 Mk1. My guess is +2 would be extremely close.

What is most interesting is the shutter speeds selected by the camera. The MK2 consistently choose a longer shutter speed in all cases. One might conclude that the sensor is not a efficient on the RX100 Mk2; it needs more light to get the same result. I would have expected the opposite. No valid comparison can be make as to the sharpness setting and exposure as the light might have changed ever so slightly in the time it took to change the Sharpness setting. The light was identical though for each of the pairs at each setting as they were shot at exactly the same time.

That's it, for what it's worth. It has helped me. I'm going to give the RX100 a good try and return the MK2.


Screen shots:(seems I can link but not upload)

The RX100 is on the LEFT and the RX100 Mk2 is on the RIGHT. 100% f/1.8 Sharpness 0 (zero)

The RX100 is on the LEFT and the RX100 Mk2 is on the RIGHT. 100% f/11 Sharpness 0 (zero)

This is comparing the RX100 at 0 and the RX100 at +3  at f/11. Probably +2 for the Mk2 would be closer.

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