Fuji HS50EXR Any good in simple point & shoot mode?

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Re: Fuji HS50EXR Any good in simple point & shoot mode?

oldy wrote:

No, Fuji HS50EXR is no good in simple point and shoot mode.

It's neither any good in any of it's advance modes.

Seduced by lots of positive reviews on the Web I've got myself one - and it was a real disaster.

It was so bad, that I thought that perhaps the camera I've got was faulty, - and asked the shop to replace it with the new one, which has not helped a bit.

The shots made in EXR Auto mode were, at the very best, "passable", while the ones made in any of PASM modes looked more or less horrible to say the least.

I tried Lloydy's and Kim's recommended settings, - as well as any other settings suggested on this site also played with various settings of my own, and, sorry to say, the results looked even worse than the camera's defaults.

I'm amazed by the amount of hard work and effort spent by the members on this camera : as of this writing it seems to me they've been doing everything and anything in human power to "wake up the dead", all instead of simply giving it up and admitting that the camera was Fuji's epic fail costing small a fortune.

The images are very noisy AND soft at the same time. If you increase sharpness, the noise becomes overwhelming. If you increase NR, - you've got the dullest watercolours imaginable.

If you're shooting on any other day than bright & sunny, - most of the shots are only good for a trashcan. And forget shooting in low light, - no chance at all , folks...

Got it replaced by Canon SX50 HS today and am now re-gaining a peace of mind...

Lol. Blame it to the camera. SX50 is a slow turtle compared to HS50. Not even close in speed and ergonomics and build quality. It should have the same if not better IQ than HS50. Show us your SX50 samples please...

Checkout my HS50 shots here...


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