FZ250 in a few weeks?

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Re: FZ250 in a few weeks?

Sonyshine wrote:

Einst Stein wrote:

I completely agree with you. The larger sensor with the adequate lens should have better IQ than a smaller sensor with similar lens.

But my point in the early post is, a larger sensor with inadequate lens could perform worse than a smaller sensor with adequate lens. That's what I've seen between FZ200 and the APS-C with the low end kit lens that I compared with.

An APS-C sensor has about 1 stop low light low noise advantage compared to m43, and about 3 stops over FZ200, if everything else is equal. At the tele end, FZ200's wide aperture ut it self in a very shining position compared to the larger sensor camera. I don't think any APS-C kit lens or lenses of similar grade can reach FZ200's level of quality.

I think almost any kit lens on almost any APSC camera will out resolve a small sensor camera like the FZ200 if you start pixel peeping!

Almost! Agree, not all.

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