HDR with a Compact Camera

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Re: HDR with a Compact Camera

Interesting though a bit dated.   Mostly simply because so many cameras automatically do HDR nowdays.   More do that, than actually do exposure bracketing. Even RX100 only has a 0.7EV range which sucks.

Theres no reason to tell people to increase/decrease shutter speed, etc.   Simply tell them to boost/subtract from their Exposure Compensation.  Pretty much all cameras have some kind of +/- control...even ones with no Manual modes or Priority modes.

You need to stress using a tripod more.  Even if just a tiny gorilla grabber or putting the camera on a bench or surface.

Another hint is to use Self Timer for 2 seconds or so.  That ensures the pushing of the button doesnt mess up the shot.

Purchasing presets for photomatix?  Are you kidding me?   Who is greedy enough to try to sell slider presets?   There are already seveal presets to choose from, that you can fine tune to your liking.

Filter section isnt needed.  Once you have the tonemapped image you can put it into ANY ole program to make further adjustments to clarity, or whatever.  You dont need special software.

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