Second Studio Shoot (Looking for Honest C&C so feel free to tear me apart on this one)

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Re: Second Studio Shoot (Looking for Honest C&C so feel free to tear me apart on this one)

OK, honest critique:

Theyre boring.  I looked at them and tried to look at them again for more critique, but theyre just so boring.  Her clothing, her expression (or lack there of), the lighting, the background.  Its just..... blah.

The photos are really soft.  Id like to see her eyes sharp as a tack, they aren't.  Nothing POPS in the photo and the background is so big and boring its distracting.  If it were a dark gray with spotlight on it ala high end fashion, it COULD work, but it doesn't as it is.  At least not for me.

Theres nothing technically wrong with your lighting set up, its just a little flat and..... boring.  Especially when you combine it with a white background, boring clothing and boring model.

Im sorry, Im not trying to be a prick, the photos are just really not doing anything for me.  In the time it took me to write this, Ive just about forgotten what they look like.

Try some different angles, poses, lighting setups, backgrounds, etc.  Do a google search and find some studio shots you love and try to replicate them.  Don't just put each light on a stand aimed at the models chest from 45 degrees on both sides of the camera.  Keep plugging away, you've got nice lights, you can get great results with them.

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