On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Meanwhile I chose the Pentax route of IBIS, with a vast range of lenses available using the same K mount. As a package, it is now where I used to fondly imagine Oly might end up going .... My latest acquisition is a Pro quality FA 300/4.5, weighing just 930g and measuring just 16cm long. IQ on my AA free K5IIs, even at. ISO 1600, is remarkable..... And the primes .... well!

I think there is definitely still a market for a very high quality, high capability, small and compact DSLR system. The problem is that both the firms that did it have not quite managed to hit the mark. Pentax with the K5 hit the nail on the head for the camera, but their lens range doesn't quite hack it. Conversely Olympus has the lenses but consistently missed when it came to the cameras (at the top end). If one system had combined the two, it would have been successful, I'd think. Personally, I think a new top end Olympus DSLR could sell very well if very compact and with top end build, AF and frame rate, it would just need to be something else than an E-3 with yet another sensor.

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I went the Pentax way, as I just felt that Olympus was slowly letting the Dslr system out the back door, and I just don't want an EVF (imagine looking at a video game all the time when you are out in nature trying to capture its beauty...). The K5IIs can be my last camera for all I care, it's absolutely perfect for my needs. But I had to "pay a price", I'm now limited to Zeiss primes, and no more weather sealed SHG zooms. The thing is, Olympus could have done well with a timely released E7 Dslr. This forum would obviously be in a totally different state right now, if they had put the sony sensor in a E7 1,5 years ago, or even a E5II. But they decided to narrow down to what they apparently have deeper in the genes: small, smaller, smallest. Perhaps they will indeed do better financially than they could have done, if they had kept two lines, 4/3 and m4/3, alive. I doubt it really, and it might just be, that Olympus actually envisioned the demise of the Dslr, as many posters on the m4/3 forum did, but we all know that was premature.... Pentax for that matter, is doing quite well now, having a three level Dslr line up: k500/k50/k5IIs, with much more to come, a higher end Apsc and very likely a FF. Pentax' new owner believes in them, and in Dslr, and silently is promoting them worldwide. Olympus medical should have done the same, if they coúld have, but they messed up financially. Olympus like Pentax can do no more than make (very) good cameras and lenses, and both are small players, in need of resources from a larger company that gives them backing. Building on a sound reputation is the only way to get a piece of the camera sales cake. You can safely say, that regarding 4/3, Olympus' reputation is solidly down the drain (says a former zuiko die hard). They only have m4/3 to build upon now, so this new hybrid camera is the only logical release, they will have done their duty and can concentrate on replacing the 4/3 (S)HG quality lenses by m4/3 counterparts. Latest rumor is, that a constant aperture m4/3 replacement for the stellar 14-35f2 is on the way.... From what there was Dslr between them, Pentax now has taken that part, and mind you, they are all in the green financially.....


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