Am I nuts?

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eagle2a wrote:

JTC111 wrote:

This picture was mistakenly taken. I was getting ready to take a picture of this pup when I accidentally snapped off this shot before I got the focus right. But for some reason, I'm drawn to this picture. I think perhaps I'm reminded of the old days when I'd occasionally use a diffusion filter. But there's something soulful about the eyes, and the general blur, for whatever reason in my head, adds rather than detracts.
So... am I nuts?

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Jim Caputo
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Face the obvious! You love your Dog. I know the feeling I have a loveable Yorkie. Hard to take a bad picture of him, at least for me.


Ya got me there, Don, I do love the pup.  And he has one of those "awwww" stories.  He's been with me about a year now.  Because I donate money when I can to various dog rescues, I've amassed a bunch of facebook friends that are involved in dog rescue.  One night last August, someone sent me a picture of this little dachshund mix.  He was about 8.5 pounds at the time and was found wandering around in the Bronx, NY and was being held at the city's shelter in Manhattan.  I received the picture around 9 pm and he was scheduled to be euthanized the next morning at 6 am.  I already had 4 dogs, all dachshunds, and didn't really want another but there was something about this little guy that drew me in.  And since two of my pups were pretty old (14 and 15), the reality was I likely wouldn't be at 5 for very long.

Unfortunately, I was pretty sure it was too late to do anything since his time was up in the morning.  The FB folk suggested I start contacting various rescue agencies in NYC in the hope that one would contact me and be able to do something.  Sure enough, around 11 pm, I got a call from a rescue and they were able to contact someone at the shelter in time.  I picked him up that night and he's really a great little pup.  He and my youngest dachsie have become best buddies.  They're constantly playing and wrestling's hilarious.

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Jim Caputo
"Red hair and black leather, my favorite color scheme" - Richard Thompson

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