Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

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Re: Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

Olympus, Nikon, Canon, Sony, Panasonic all offer weather resistant models but you have to make sure you have the right lenses too.

I think that the key thing for you is going to be to work out the process of how you use the camera, where and when you can change lenses, how long all the parts need to acclimatise when you change environments, how you stop moisture getting into things in the warm areas, how you keep li-ion batteries warm, is there an AA option just in case?

I think that the best option would be sealed unit, after that something with as few moving parts (eg no moving mirror!) -materials tend to get brittle in extreme cold, and manufacturer stated weather resistant lenses attached to the camera and left on when outside.

Luminous landscape run tours there and gave anecdotal failure rates in an article a few years back, I'd suggest asking Michael Reichmann or at least on those forums, Im sure the advice will be more based on how to handle the kit than which specific kit to have.

For what it's worth I've used the Nikon D70, Sony Nex, Sony A900 and the Olympus OMD for a few hours at a time in -5 to -10 and they were all fine except for the batteries running out more quickly (I didn't try using them indoors the same day though as I was worried about condensation causing damage to components. I don't think that any were rated fir that though!

Just remembered... Kai that does the Bokeh! Tests froze a Canon 7D into a block of ice and it worked fine after it was defrosted and dried, look that up!

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