G1X tele and wide converters

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Re: G1X tele and wide converters

The danger of attaching any heavy glass to the plastic bayonet mount at the front of the G1X is pretty obvious, as others have noted. It seems to me that the ideal solution would be somehow to adapt a mount to the back end of the barrel by removing the lens trim ring. The only products I've been able to find that take advantage of this more solid mounting platform are the numerous auto-open lens caps on the market, though I think this is also intended for a ring flash mount. Is there any product out there that mounts to the back end of the lens barrel and provides front adapter threads for a wide- or tele-converter?

I do understand that this would be more difficult than it appears. Zooming causes the front element to move in and out relative to the camera body. This means that any such adapter would either only be usable at a specific zoom setting (presumably all the way to one end or other of the range), or would somehow provide the physical support for the converter while allowing it to float in and out with the lens. Is this simply too much to hope for?

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