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Re: Windows XP still amazes me!

Windows XP is really quite amazing. It will probably end up #2 for OS longevity (after Unix-Linux) among those widely used. (I guess some IBM mainframe OS has lasted longer.)

There are still some OS/360 (from 1964) installs around, but I don't know if any are still in business use. VMS (1977, kind of) is still in use and can be licensed. The latest OpenVMS major version is really from 2003 though.

Thanks to SP3, XP is amazingly stable, considering how Windows on DOS Windows used to be.

Most of all, it is well understood, and it's possible to make a very stripped down, low resource and stable version. That's made it very popular in various industrial and medical systems. It's also my go-to version when I need a win32 VM for some kind of test (and with an MSDN account I can still get a license for that).

Really Windows 7 is not vastly improved in regards to the UI. Its only major improvement was good 64-bit support.

Microsoft have not advanced UI functionality since Windows 95/NT4. And yes, proper 64 bit support is the only technical reason to move from XP. XP64 had a lot of issues which were hard to pin down, but probably caused by broken third party drivers.

It's starting to get very hard to find drivers for peripherals for XP though. It's more likely new peripherals will be supported by Linux, which is rather ironic. I keep getting told Windows has the best hardware support around, but that appears to be a state of flux.


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