If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

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Re: If Sony releases a FF Nex what will this do to X sales?

Krich13 wrote:

mr moonlight wrote:

Rod McD wrote:

If you read through the comments made at the introduction and review of the RX1, I think you'll find that there were significant numbers of people who wouldn't buy it because they didn't want to be confined to one FL, another (overlapping) bunch who want a BIEVF rather than an add on finder, and another bunch who simply lamented the cost. I think they'd be the key reasons....... I'd count myself as not being happy with the RX1 for all those reasons.

I have no data on the potential market for an IL version with a BIEVF, but from the interest, I'd say it's there......

Cheers, Rod

I feel that a lot of people felt similar about the X100...

And they still are. Both are extremely restrictive, and Fuji goes great length not to offer an interchangeable-lens pancake alternative to X100s.

I like Fuji zoom 18-55 well enough, may be will buy 10-24 when it comes out and Zeiss 32 is fantastic. Beyond that, I'll try to curb investment into Fuji system; wait and see what Sony (or Canon, or Nikon or anybody else) comes up with. I may be even be able to use my Nikon lenses on new Sony camera, provided focus peaking is well-implemented.

And yes, FF-Nex (or whatever the name will be) will hurt Fuji sales badly, no question about that.

I think the XP1, XE1 and XM1 are pretty good ILC alternatives to the X100s. The 27mm pancake is not too far off the 23mm.

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