Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

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Re: Looking to purchase dslr for minus temperatures

spytrek007 wrote:

Just been on the phone with pentax support. I am considering the k30 or k50 since both are weather proof and suited for minus temperatures. I was told that the k7, k5, k5 II, k5 IIs and older discontinued models like the kr and kx are professional models with only manual or semi auto modes like Tv or Av.

K50 and K30 both have scene modes which are suited for beginners and mostly convenience of shooting.

There are some (myself not included) for whom scene modes are the mark of a non-serious camera. Still, the K5 has a P mode (fully automatic exposure), and the rules behind scene modes are pretty simple to learn - I wouldn't let lack of a scene mode put you off. The real operational difference in DSLR's is whether you have one or two control wheels. If you have two, when you move on to controlling your own exposure it is much simpler.

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