As an enthusiast the camera market is depressing.

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Take a closer look...

John Miles wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

No. Look. Whole camera ranges aren't zeros are they. I was pleasantly surprised at the shape of the Nex body. It has a good angular grip to carry the camera at your side; but suddenly that's it! How do you adjust EV?

Actually, all NEX cameras have a dedicated EV button right on the camera body.  Believe me, I couldn't get by without one.  Contrary to the spartan look of the NEX cameras, there are actually 6 dedicated buttons even on the most basic body, at least one jog wheel, and up to 7 different customizable controls can be placed on up to 3 different buttons (one button can accomodate up to 5).  The NEX 6 and NEX7 have additional dials and wheels that expand this even further, and the newer NEX cameras have placed the 5+ custom controls on an Fn button for easy access.

especially so with camera to eye? No wait. No EVF.

Actually, that's only the entry-level NEX3 and original NEX5 - the NEX5N & 5R can both have an EVF attached as an extra part (again, I wouldn't shoot my NEX-5N without one), and the NEX6 and NEX7 have EVFs built in.

It has available the 18-200 lens. So the combination will lose me reaction time and 120mm equiv. from the long end. Too many compromises.

You don't QUITE lose 120mm on the long end - some consideration should be taken for the considerable cropping advantage the larger sensor gives you, allowing you to retain much stronger detail in a cropped photo, and crop further while still maintaining good print size and usability.  But you also need to consider the gains and not just the compromises - a massive, wholesale jump in low light capability, much better control over shallow depth of field, and the ability to change to a specialized lens for a specialized purpose - ie, adding an F1.4 lens, or a macro, or a portrait, or an ultrawide that can take you all the way to 15mm equivalent.  That opens up a huge amount of flexibility that you don't have with a fixed-lens superzoom.

And there are ways to extend the reach of the NEX to more closely match a superzoom.  For example, I used to shoot with the very good Sony H5 superzoom, which gave me a decent 432mm equivalent long range.  When I was looking for a solution on the NEX that could give me autofocus and stabilization convenience in a lens that still reaches out to at least 400mm, I discovered that my 1.7x teleextender from my H5 could actually attach to the Sony 55-210mm eMount lens very nicely, and the results were excellent.  So now, I have a 535mm equivalent, autofocus, stabilized reach on my NEX-5N, with electronic viewfinder and a good grip.

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