On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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.As far as expensive ... well, it's a complex topic and depends on individual needs. In my case, if the E-3 had worked out, I would have bought the 35-100 and 150/2, but here in Japan the Nikon 70-200/2.8 and 300/4 cost a total of $1600 less than the two Zuikos.

The partly disabled wildlife photographer friend I recently sold my E-3 to was considering selling his D300s in favour of getting an OM-D, and I warned him not to because the D300 and the 300f4 he uses with it will likely serve him much better for BIF, etc than the OM-D or the E-3 could. (He had owned an E-3 before and missed some of the qualities that you mention and also wanted to try it and its IS with the 400mm and 560mm Leitz Telyts.

Hmm. Well, this is another thing about Nikon that I find annoying -- their 300/4 is not stabilized. I feel certain they'll come out with a VR version soon, but it's bound to be expensive. That said, the current version is my favorite lens ever, and it is great for BIF -- and WIF (whippets in flight).


Hi Julie,

I had the f2 lenses for a few years, as I was after the shallow DOF and extraordinary IQ that I was seeing from posted samples. Even though I bought the 14-35 new, and the 150 and 35- 100 second hand, they represented a huge investment especially at amateur level - way beyond what was sensible to pay. They were, and still are, highly esoteric lenses, and that is why I have no doubt that they will retain their value whatever route Oly is finally found to have taken.

I have a friend using Nikon, and she has just acquired a D7100. Wonderful camera, and she mainly enjoys birding, but as you say, the 300mm f4 is non-stabilised, so the price of membership is high. Meanwhile I chose the Pentax route of IBIS, with a vast range of  lenses available using the same K mount.  As a package, it is now where I used to fondly imagine Oly might end up going ....  My latest acquisition is a Pro quality FA 300/4.5, weighing just 930g and measuring just 16cm long. IQ on my AA free K5IIs, even at. ISO 1600, is remarkable.....  And the primes .... well!

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