On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: A very poor view of E-5 and 4/3

No, we can't be for sure but I think it unlikely that Oly would release a camera that is supposed to work with PDAF unless at least the S-AF is as good as on the DSLRs.
For me, that is fine as I never use C-AF though I understand that some people may not be satisfied.

The rumour is that it is as good as the C-AF on their DSLRs.

There is a small chance they will release a stop gap DSLR but it will just be that, a stop gap. They won't be developing the system and all the resources will be going into new lenses or accessories for M43.

It wouldn't make commercial sense to do anything else given the number of people that seem to have migrated to M43, not just from here but also from competitor systems.

As I mentioned above, some people may be happy to stick with their existing equipment and I can see the positive side of jumping off the GAS merry go round.

The current OM-D is good enough for me apart from its inability to focus my HG lenses very effectively, so the OM-D Pro may well be my last interchangeable lens camera for a long time assuming it lives up to expectations.

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