Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

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Re: Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

completelyrandomstuff wrote:

Do you think the prices will rise?

I think the prices will rise for special Four Thirds lenses, but not for all. In particular, I think of the well-regarded SHG lenses 14-35 and 35-100 as well as the 12-60 and the tele primes. All these lenses are unmatched in quality by their Micro Four Thirds counterparts (if they exist at all).

Most of the HG and SG lenses do have comparable counterparts that are smaller and lighter, work without adapter, and provide fast AF with any mFT body. That's why I sold my 14-54 and 40-150 (3.5-4.5) some time ago.

In summary I guess that some Four Thirds specialities (such as the mentioned SGH glass) will sell well. But that is a very low volume market, and I doubt that there will be a large impact on the market for used SG/HG glass.

But that depends on the general market success of the coming OM-D pro. Time will tell, and I would suggest you to wait some months...

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