C/Y lenses for Sigma SLR

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Re: C/Y lenses for Sigma SLR

3dreal wrote:

Alexander T wrote:

Antone wrote:

Is the reason no one uses C/Y mount lenses on Sigma SLRs because no one makes an adapter for the lenses? I have such an adapter for my Canon EF mount and since Canon and Sigma use the same registration distance (right?) the only issue should be an adapter.

I use them on my SD1m, as well as the new Zeiss ZE lenses, as my Sigma is converted to EOS

so you are the genious repairman. how much would a conversion cost and how much time you you need?

sigmacumlaude has a c/y-conversionfor sd1(M?). Price already raised


for now i might go along the following procedure:

1/ buy a camera in japan (they are cheaper there)

2/ convert it

3/ update firmware, test it properly

4/ may sell it to interested people.

camera do not appear regularly, but sometimes it may happen.

please find my post here on the SD1m -> EOS conversion, with photos etc

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