1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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well . let's face it ..

Like it or not, the 4/3 DSLR is going to be pretty much the way the Kodak DSLR goes.

My take, sooner or later , unless OLy or Panny come around and re-launch, re-start, and re-build 4/3 product lineup ( most unlikely ). We will have to accept we are talking about a system that's well history. But yes the lens lives on, somewhat. But unlike old Manual Focus Lens , which function all their own. They just need a body to physically mate onto; 4/3 lens need electric and electronical coupling. Else you won't even have any control over the lens. Not the aperture, not the focusing, not anything in fact. So yes, such a discussion about other camera bodies that could made use of the lens are inevitable.

I guess down the road, this should probably termed 4/3 lens and DSLR forum instead of Olympus DSLR forum .. whatever, though, I am not seeing anyone making any body to properly take these 4/3 lens bar Olympus with their M4/3. The question I guess, is, does it matter so much to fuss about it all. There were many great mount / lens / camera in and among Photogrphy's history that come, serve and then go. I ssee no sentiment to be too attached to it. Now if there serve a solution that I can properly utilize the optics down the road, fine, I would welcome that./ But if not, then well, ok, fine, there are other mfr doing other fine lens.

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