1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Abrak wrote:

Can I simplify the discussion by asking a question. Where would you expect discussion of the performance of the 35-100 f2 lens on the EM-1 to take place? This forum or the M43 forum?

Now primarily as an M43 user I think it should take place in this forum. It is a question primarily about the performance of a 4/3 lens and you would need 4/3 user input.

Because this is bound to 'happen' when the new camera is introduced. This forum is very likely to be bombarded by 'How does the 35-100 f2 perform on the new OMD?' posts. Clearly such posts could be 'welcomed' 'accepted' or 'moved to the m43 forum'.

I guess it all depends on how the question is asked.

Look at it this way:

The 35-100mm f2 performs exactly as it always has. Its performance is intrinsic depending only on its design and manufacture.

So the  question  "'How does the 35-100 f2 perform on the new OMD
Can also be put as:  "How well does the new OMD handle the 35-100 f2 ?"

The way a question is asked  has bearing on which forum it  belongs to


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