1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Abrak wrote:

Can I simplify the discussion by asking a question. Where would you expect discussion of the performance of the 35-100 f2 lens on the EM-1 to take place? This forum or the M43 forum?

Now primarily as an M43 user I think it should take place in this forum. It is a question primarily about the performance of a 4/3 lens and you would need 4/3 user input.

Because this is bound to 'happen' when the new camera is introduced. This forum is very likely to be bombarded by 'How does the 35-100 f2 perform on the new OMD?' posts. Clearly such posts could be 'welcomed' 'accepted' or 'moved to the m43 forum'.

I can't speak for others. however I Olympus makes it Official with no more DSLR's etc. Those post would be more welcome here as given a period of time users here would have supplemented their 4/3 gear with a OMD pro ( Assuming everything works to 4/3 user satisfaction.) they they would get some answers. I do see the problem in the m4/3 forum as that person will get a few good replies but the rest of them would be the like of " buy the pany 35-100' , "don't use it its to big'  etc. There will be a lot of noise with only a bit of valid info. Here you might get fewer replies but with a lot more substance.

The trolling history over the last few years on this forum was that we used to have other brand trolls knocking our equipment. Then over the last few years we have had the same brand and m4/3 evangelists and trolls stirring here. Forum member's patience got a bit stretched , lately however these type of posts have been handled by those that have some knowledge and the rest of us ignore them. I have noticed with interest some of the "wrong forum"  posters are now in the Wrong forum.

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