On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: I Agree with Dave

Messier Object wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

This is Olympus SLR Talk, the place to discuss Olympus E series digital SLR cameras and lenses (Micro Four Thirds models should be discussed on the Micro Four Thirds Talk forum). We're waiting for the next Olympus DSLR.

Speculation about an upcoming, overpriced OM-D should be taken to the m4/3 talk forum, where people care about milc.



Just an observation from someone who owns and uses an OM-1, with three primes, has owned and since sold an E-300, has owned and since sold an EPL-1 and now owns an EP-5 with several primes and both Panny and Oly zooms.  Your argument about where to post comments, while valid, ignores the reality of the situation.  Olympus will develop a limited number of bodies and the most logical path is to develop a body which can utilize both m. and regular 4/3's lenses.  This makes available some excellent lenses to the m. users and ALSO makes some excellent lenses available to 4/3's user.  While I recognize that many on this forum are reluctant (probably too kind a term) to give EVF's a try, the VF-4 on the EP-5 and presumably the same finder on the "pro" OM-D is an impressive piece of technology.   The view might be a little better from my OM-1, but the amount of information delivered on the EP-5/VF-4 combo is vastly superior.  These cameras are the real deal and the only real concern is handling with big lenses.  And let's be honest, a big lens is always a problem without a grip and tripod.

Just my 2 and 1/2 cents.

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