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Roger Engelken
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Can you really have one without the other?

In reading through some of the posts in this thread, I was able to find a set of postings stating this should be a gear forum.  I was also able to find a set of postings stating their should be a photo thread, with gear and bitching sent to another forum.

I believe that photography is about the gear, and about the images that gear produces.  I learn from those who ask questions and post thoughtful and educated replies to those questions.  This applies equally to threads about gear, as well as the images they produce.  That would seem a win to me.

One can have all the photographs in the world, and while they may be judged as superior, their full appreciation only comes from understanding and appreciating the gear behind them.  One can have all the gear in the world, and yet this gear is ultimately meaningless unless the results of this gear are displayed and appreciated and critiqued.

Then, at the end of this, there is the photographer, who, at the end of the day, is the glue between the gear and the photograph.  The photographer uses the gear to produce the results, and at the end of the day is the one who will substantially contribute to the success of that relationship between the gear and the photograph.

This forum has its quirks, faults, challenges and home runs.  Hopefully useless bashing is kept to a minimum.  In the end, it is no more than a microcosm of the interaction between people in the world at large.

Some will be partial to the gear, others to the images that gear produces.  Only together can the full potential of the relationship be allowed to flourish, along with the individual behind the gear photographing the result.

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