On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: Olympus 4/3 is alive and well

dave gaines wrote:

Raist3d wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

Olymore wrote:

... Still, you can sit there nursing your E5, waiting on the camera that will never arrive and complaining how real photographers use big bulky cameras, while the rest of the four thirds users migrate across to the new system.

Or you can accept that four thirds was a commercial failure and move on.

Your opinion of the E-5 and 4/3 in general is very dim. If you disslike every DSLR from the E-1 to the E-5 you should find a camera you do like and go post your negativity on their forum. For all it's worth (very little) your brand/system bashing is destructive and unwelcome on the Olympus SLR Talk forum.

I believe he is as entitled to express his opinion as you are with yours. You are nobody to tell him to get out of the forum for simply expressing his view of the system, and I believe you missed his view was actually quite optimistic.


Yes, he is. It's just not welcome to say it here on a forum dedicated to Olympus SLR Talk. Olymore's posts here for the last few days have all been bashing the 4/3 system. That's a matter of opinion and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. People who post here are beholders of 4/3 cameras and lenses. Why should he post that anti 4/3 talk here?

According to who those who post in this forum must post nothing but praise?


But Olympus has said many things, including one single beautiful system.

You've said that a couple of times. You eluded to an unoffical meeting that was secretly reported to have happened.

No, I didn't "elude" to an unofficial meeting that was secretly reported- I posted the darn slides that showed it. Moreover, what I said on the single beautiful system are Tanaka-san own words! It's on the biofos interview with him! (amongst several other places where it was reported).

Do you have anything official from Olympus? Do you have a link to a news story, other than a rumor site? Do you have more than a snippet taken out of context?

I am taking nothing out of context. I am in fact, baffled that after Olympus *officially* said this so many times you think it was just a rumor. Here, from Mr. Terada-san's own mouth:


"Q28. Where do you see both 4/3rds and m4/3rds in 5 years time? Where would you like to see them?

A28. We are convinced both systems will be existing as one beautiful system."

Mind you that was not the only time he said it.

Micro 4/3 is one beautiiful system. Olympus 4/3 is one beautiful system. These are two different systems.

Yes, but Olympus said *one*, not two. Olympus said many things over the years but for quite a while they mentioned that this was it. Judging by many things, an E-7 apparently was in the works though that's not what I was betting on, and turns out that in the end looks like that's where Olympus is headed in the end- no E-7, but a m4/3rds camera capable of using 4/3rds lenses well.

Given Olympus financial position and 4/3rds market position, sounds quite a sensible business move with the added advantage that we do get good lens-body support.

You're following all of my posts, telling me there's no E-x upgrade on the way. No one knows that. You should stop harrassing me and the rest of this forum with your negativity.

You are a nobody to tell me anything about the forum- you don't own it. But it is not my intention to follow so, fair on that.

You've told me in another post today that I should ignore these destructive threads and not post in them.

What I said to be specific is, if you do not like differing opinions, then why are you clicking and responding to the threads. Moreover, do keep in mind, I posted this thread and you replied to it. You made a choice. It's not that I was "following you."

DSLR shooters like me are entitled to an opinion about 4/3 and the purpose of this forum -

You are certainly entitled to your opinion but not to the purpose of the forum. That's established by dpreview.

probably more than someone who's abandoned the E-system and is now a fan of another system, like m4/3. You and Olymore keep posting in favor of an OM-D, m4/3 MILC. This is the Olympus SLR Talk forum. Try not to disrupt it with your preferences for another system.

And my very thread is 4/3rds related. I didn't post about m4/3rds out of context. I made it very clear in several posts by now and in my very first post that opened the thread that the mention of the new OMD is in the context of 4/3rds backward compatibility and what it means for the E-7 reality.

Olympus 4/3 is alive and well. It will be for some time to come, no matter what is released next. The 4/3 system is faster, has PDAF, has an OVF, has more creative controls, ergonomics to support larger lenses and has much better optics than m4/3.

Apparently faster won't be anymore within two more months.  The optics will be supported by the new camera so m4/3rds is not missing it though I agree it's not exactly what the system is made for per se sizewise.

The only thing an E-7 needs is a new sensor. Most people shooting primarily with the E-series don't believe a new OM-D represents the future for 4/3 lenses.

The issue once again is not what 4/3rds users may want - it's what Olympus can do to make a profit.

If you don't believe that you should ask yourself why you're posting on Olympus SLR Talk.

I owe you no explanation. I think my post pretty must states at face value what I am talking about.

I'm asking you why but it's just a rhetorical question, so there's no need to reply with another negative opinion.

There's no need for you to ask it. I view this in an optimistic way. Whenever you see the 4/3rds telephoto macro lens finished in development and sold, then I will agree with you 4/3rds will carry on.

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