How many cameras and lenses since the D300

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Re: How many cameras and lenses since the D300

kevinlee wrote:

That's a really good question Roger! I've been a regular visitor to this site for several years and in the earlier days I was almost rusted on. The conversation was absorbing, entertaining, positive, full of excellent tips, great questions and supporting of new people as they joined the forum.

Sure, there were plenty of stirrers taking great joy out of stretching the friendship with dumbarse questions and ridiculous observations. But that's life and most people saw through that in a heartbeat.

Over the years, though, the Forum seems to have lost some of its magic and purpose as we see endless strings of complaints around everything from inaccurate focusing, to dodgy body grips. I feel certain anyone doing some purchase research would think that every camera produced by every brand was 5% short of trash as almost every part of the product has a catastrophic failure rate. It almost feels like the industry is drowning in a tsunami of dud models.

I have no doubt that the phenomenal growth of digital photography has resulted in production outputs that are more vulnerable to higher failure percentages. But if the ratio of positive to negative speak on this forum was an accurate measurement of the general quality being produced, I feel certain the industry would have killed itself off in less time than it takes to flick a light switch.

The fact is the majority of cameras being produced are of outstanding quality. The choice is breathtaking and we have never had so much bang for our buck. It wasn't that long ago that we were overwhelmed with a 2 meg point'n shoot.

And that may be part of the problem. Too many models that are updated too frequently with too little separating one from the next. The manufacturers have successfully managed to move DSLRs into the FMCG stream (Fast Moving Consumer Goods).

Where once our local camera specialist store was the one and only place we do our shopping for camera gear, now cameras and their accessories are sold everywhere by everyone. All too often the person behind the counter is selling to a script and has no genuine idea about the product. It troubles me to think it, but DLSR seems to have been McDonalised to some extent.

And so it is that for me, our favourite site has lost a little of its gloss. It's great to see plenty of the old names around like Kerry Pierce though because they bring enthusiastic and quality dialogue to the site.

Cheers - Kevin


I like your McDonalds analogy,I went there one day and they got 66% of my order wrong and at the first attempt to fix it they got 50% of that still wrong,they responded happens sometimes.

Just like Nikon,I still like them....but my burger is getting old now.



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