Windows 8 adoption is OK

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That's the way it's supposed to show up...

CAcreeks wrote:

Yahoo HTML compose does work (not increasing font size with every Return) when user agent is set to IE 10.

You can't expect Firefox to display and work with all content designed for IE 10, as it's using a different rendering engine.

Sometimes it works. But, most of the time, the content generated for IE 10 is just not going to work correctly in Firefox. When you change the UA, the site generates code differently. So, it's common to have problems trying to tell sites that you're using IE when you're really using Firefox.

If you want to spoof a different browser on sites that have more complex pages, it's best to stick with a browser using the same rendering engine (for example, telling a site you're using Firefox under Windows when you're really using Firefox under Linux).

Yahoo HTML compose does not work with user agent set to FF 23 on Windows 64-bit (nor on Linux 64-bit).

Sounds like Yahoo just has an issue with Firefox. Use Thunderbird instead (or just change to a different mail service)

The What's My User Agent website shows that switching back and forth works, although IE10 self-reports as Mozilla 5.

IE 10 is supposed to report that way (Mozilla 5.0).

You'll see the same thing if you're using the real IE 10 when running Windows.

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