The fun is back New computer build

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The fun is back New computer build

My new Computer build.

Why I did it.

been using a canon 60 d and Sony nex 6. Images are shot in raw, file sizes about 16 meg.

Computer I used was a Sony laptop I5 - 8 gig memory and 7200 rpm hd.

Images in LR 3 to 4 opened in 1 to 2 seconds not a problem for me

Editing in Lr, speed seemed fine - I also have ps6 and all of that seemed fine, a little slow with larger files but ok - plug in are Nik and topaz , those could take 4 to 30 seconds

to do there thing in LR or ps - that was a little annoying. I lived with it.

Then I bought a Nikon d600 images sizes in raw are 24 to 30 megs.

Now Lr takes 4 to 5 seconds to open and that long or longer to do any editing

plus 4 times the time of above numbers if I use any of my plugins.

I do this stuff for fun not money - the amount of time it took to process an image was taking the fun out of it.

The fun is back

I built a new computer. Now images open 1 to 2 seconds - any adjustment I make take the same amount of time or less - My nik stuff process images in

4 to 10 seconds - ps6 screams as well . I just made a crazy big image in ps 150 megs

brought it into lr it opened in 2 seconds then did a nik affect on it and rendered in about 7 seconds.

I found out updating to fx camera requires updating you computer as well.


8350 cpu

with a monster cooler max temps 42c most times 32 c or less

16 gig ram

1 ssd 120 gig software dr

1 ssd 500 gig data drive

2 gig video card

1 tera mechanical hd for backups

internal wireless N card

1 24 inch monitor

my cost for all of the above including win 8 pro 64 bit $1582

3hrs to build computer and about 2 days to load in files and data

yep the fun is back

Software I use

LR 4.2

PS6 complete collection

complete NIK collection

topaz denoise and mask

CorelDraw 12

Music software

cubase 7

Halion 4

various vst plugins over 150 gig of instruments

My instruments load 5 times faster too

and a big plus I never considered when I convert Midi data to

a wave track the most I could do was 4 tracks at a time

any more then that my old system would crash.

Last night I converted 16 tracks of midi data. song was over 4minutes

into 16 wave tracks I thought the system would crash - The 8350

did it without a problem.

Another plus but not a big deal was the amount of time it takes an image to

print on my Epson 7800 - that 150 gig image I was talking about above

from LR to printer about 3 seconds . My laptop would of taken about 2 minutes

to render

Win 8 versus 7 had a problem with some of the music drivers/midi i/o

and still do on one of my instruments . Also took about a week to get the hang of

win 8 .

Yes the fun is back

from slow to fast

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