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Re: NX Macro Focus Issue

OtterBoxing wrote:

Hi there,

I seem to be having an issue with the focus on the NX1000. I have the standard 20-50mm Lens.
I'm new to the whoe camera/photography thing, but I find that the camera is not focusing on the closest object.... Instead it is automatically focusing on a further object.

How far is the object you are trying to focus on? The specs say the MFD (minimum focusing distance) for that lens is 0.28 metre (11 inches). That is probably at 20mm, so the MFD at the telephoto end of the range would probably be greater.

Especially when the object itself is off center. I tried to adjust the target zoom point and it just refuses to take the shot.

That commonly happens in low light or when there it nothing contrasty enough within the target area for the AF to lock onto. You could try setting the AF Area to Multi AF but that is more prone to selecting the wrong object. As a last resort, try manual focus.

I'm not sure if I'm explaining it properly, but I have attached a few samples of what I mean.

Samples are not showing for me. I just see empty boxes. I have a fast internet connection and have been waiting for ages but the images don't show up. Could just be my browser. I will reboot in a minute and try with Firefox from Ubuntu

Edit:  It seems to be a forum problem.  The site is incredibly slow at the moment.  I can now see the exif but not the images yet.

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