Ok, here is the breakdown of lens and my honeymoon, Im looking at getting 1 more

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Re: Ok, here is the breakdown of lens and my honeymoon, Im looking at getting 1 more

ac921ol wrote:

Sorry for the long post ahead of time.

I am going on my Honeymoon September 9th. (thanks for the well wishes everyone)

I am heading to London (1 night) Paris (2 nights) Athens (1 night) Greek Islands (7 nights) London (1 night)

Camera Body- e-620

Lens- 14-42 (kit lens) 40-150mm (kit) 70-300mm, and OM 50mm 1.8 (Made in Japan)

I am looking to have a lens for when we walk around London/Paris/Athens (Day and Night, which i heard the Sigma and the MK2 could both handle one better then the other obviously), and one that I can take good portraits with landscape in the background for the Greek Islands. I was thinking of the Sigma 30mm 1.4 but I already have the 50mm OM, obviously the 30mm with the AF would be nice to have for quick shots and what not, but then for some reason I've been thinking I should focus on finding a 14-54 mk2 instead of investing in the sigma 30mm. I do not plan on taking all of them, unless you guys suggest I do, but I see no need for a 70-300 when I can have the 40-150.

so my question to all of you would be, what lens's should I take?? and which lens should I concentrate on purchasing before??

30mm Sigma or look for a 14-54mm MK2 at a good price??

Since getting my OM 50mm, its been stationary on my 620 if that helps any.

-Thanks again everyone

Just a question....will you have room for the bride?

Remember, lenses don't talk back, brides do.  

As for the question, it depends on your budget and what you wish to shoot.  In the greek islands, or any scenic location, I would take my 7-14, 14-35, 35-100, 11-22, 12-60 and/or 50-200.  Those are only my preferences, and I would likely not take them all.  I do not do much macro photography, so I have found the ZD 35 and ZD 50 lenses I have stay home on trips.  That again, is nothing more than a personal preference.

Just remember, the best setup is the camera and lens you have with you....

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