Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

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Re: Will the 4/3rds lenses go up in price?

completelyrandomstuff wrote:


It seems like olympus won't produce a camera for my needs - ie something that can be held comfortably, can autofocus with 4/3rds lenses and costs less than $1500 for a body.

I got 14-54mm I, 11-22mm and 40-150 F3.5-4.5 and I am hoping to get around $600 for the three, which is pretty low compared to MSRPs.

Given that the new OM-D will breathe some life into the 4/3rds lenses, should I wait a couple months with selling them? Do you think the prices will rise?

I found too many cracks in my crystal ball...so I sent it to the old balls home.  In the meantime, I own my lenses for the joy of the hobby, not for their value.  I've picked up several for good prices, and enjoy each one.

The 11-22 is a gem of a lens.  So, I hear, is the 14-54, especially on the E-1.

Good luck which ever way you go.  I just might be interested in the 14-54.  

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