1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Re: 1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

Long story short - this is our forum - let's plan ahead.

As others have said, m43 forum is very crowded and reorg IMO is due.

One thing I think people here have missed is that Oly positions 43 compatibility as a higher-end feature. Consequently only a subset of users would own it - users who really need it, IOW pros and enthusiasts.

To me at least that suggests that the 1022 should probably become "43/m43 pro/enthusiast" forum, since increasingly m43 gear is used for pro work (use of the 43 lenses in context is not unheard of) and the good old photographic problems hasn't really change that much and neither Oly's approach to them. Though since the cam is going to be a hybrid, I'm pretty sure many would consider also picking up the Panny's m43 12-35 and 35-100 zooms, thus I doubt the forum would manage to remain "Oly-only".

The 1041 should probably stay the "m43 general mayhem" forum for the rest like me (because I definitely wouldn't be able to afford the new hybrid body and I'm still a proud amateur).

P.S. Admittedly, I'm sorta ignore the Panny GHx users here, but really I have no idea where to place them. Many are videographers and AFAIK DPR doesn't have a forum for pro videographers, so many already hang-out on other video-centric sites. Probably DPR should consider closing the gap: adding the forum, adding support for embedding videos in the posts/comments (like it is already works for the stills), probably even hosting videos (in some limited capacity; or Amazon already owns a video hosting portal?).

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