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I see you want to learn about Boiler Repair

Well, you've come to the right source.

Boiler repair rarely involves lifting over a hundred pounds. The heaviest "routine" repairs are of compressors, and motors. The IC Compressors usually weigh in at that range, and even the heaviest of them, are floor mounted and don't present a problem.

Normally of course, when a mechanic HAS to lift much more than that, they call for help. Not necessarily because they can't do it, but because it involves risks.

But oddly enough, we in the profession take a great deal of pride in what we do. No one of course actually recognizes this determination not to let people freeze - But that's the way we look at it. And that's all that counts!

So, I will present some of our difficulties...

This is an MM series IC burner. Piece of cake for one man to change the motor. Not a problem. We take off the housing, loosen some bolts, and the 85 pound motor and fan come out as one piece

The next step up is the DE series, and that presents problems. In order to change the motor, you have to take out the entire housing, WITH the motor, which in the smaller burners such as the one below, weigh around 400 pounds...

I've changed such motors by myself, strictly because other wise it wouldn't have gotten done. I don't have to bench press the housing, but rather lift it down, and after changing the motor, lift it up. In both cases about six inches.

Then of course we have the larger size DE and DEG burners. Well, the housing might weigh as much as a thousand pounds, and it's clumsy weight. Of course we don't use that cute little machine you posted an image of. In fact, I've never seen such a machine used in Boiler repair. Way to clumsy to carry into boiler rooms.

No, we set up a large tri-pod with a block and tackle on it. Pull all the bolts off the burner housing, and then lift the entire housing off. Usually, we change the motor "on the fly" literally and figuratively..

Here's a picture of one of these burners...

Now the motor by itself on one of these burners, probably comes in around two hundred pounds, but that's not the problem. If that was the only problem two guys, or even one in an emergency could do it. The problem is that you have to pull the entire housing off the burner. Thus the tripod and block and tackle. You see there is a fan attached to the motor, and it simply wont fit through the hole in the housing. It has to be removed from INSIDE the burner. See what I'm talking about?

Hopefully, you've now learned a wee bit about the trade. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

And I should add that thankfully, I'm almost as agile and almost as strong as when I was a young man. Can't run to fast, but hey, one has to expect some changes in life.

Oh, one last thing. The "Hospital Representative" was from a real estate management firm, that owners hired when they wanted to get rid of legal tenants. He worked for a company called "Kurmco." I knew he was an f-ing pig, and being young and naive wanted to make sure HE Didn't walk away.

Well, at the trial, one Cop couldn't identify me. One died the day before the trial, and that left the case as my work against his. He had a record of over thirty arrests, including attempted murder, raceterring, and by golly, perjury. Whereas I had a Rabbi, a Priest and a Minister all testifying to my sterling character.

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