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Re: Dave, Come on!

Chato wrote:

No, mispeaking is claiming that you bench press 300 lb, and when called on it, clarifying that it was 40 years ago and that you don't remember the weight exactly but seemed an awful lot. What you've done is repeat the same BS for more than one year.

No, it was precisely 300 pounds. Said so... I NEVER said I don't remember the weight. I could probably do over 250, maybe 275 today. I didn't have much trouble with the 223 motor.

U r such a liar, muthafuvcka. U know u can get away w/ it cause u know nobody's gonna waste their time hookin' up w/ u to verify this bullshiit. U r just a lonely old man, desperate for human interaction, even if it's negative interaction.

I took down a hired thug, and two TPF Cops in the middle of forty other TPF Cops. And even now, I could take you AND johnson, your hero down just by myself. Admitedly I couldn't catch you if you ran.

U can think that old man. It's funny and pathetic at the same time, pretending to be a macho man even with those pathetic hobo pics ur so proud of. How fvckin' delusional r u? U need help, Squidly.


Are you now going to show me cute little pictures of block and tackles to explain to me why I should have used one?

Most installers don't give a sht what happens to their job five years after the check clears. In this case, the Pump was mounted near the ceiling BEHIND the boiler. Lots of jobs like that. Sometimes, it's SO impossible that the only way to make the repair is to repipe the job. Once, an owner had to hire structural engineers, to take down a bearing wall, just to change a large air fan.

But I'm sure you know all of this better than me.

And that's what really enrages you doesn't it? I always ultimately make a fool of you.

Because a couple of left-wing supporters of yours state this recently, now all of a sudden u believe it.



And where's that fvckin' deed, liar?


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