Majestic Mt. Robson of the Canadian Rockies

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Re: Majestic Mt. Robson of the Canadian Rockies

David Nall wrote:

jtimar84 wrote:

This was one of those shots that was really disappointing when I first looked at the results at home. The extreme contrast of the scene required my to dial down my exposure more than I would have liked, which left my shadows muddied. A blended exposure would have been ideal here, but it was starting to rain so hauling out the tripod was not an option at that point.

Still, I am happy with the final result, mostly.

What do you think?

First of all, get rid of the water mark in the center of the image.

Ah, I was wondering when the anti-watermark crowd would show up. Sorry, but I don't like to make it easy for thieves.

After that, I would lighten up the foreground so more than just black is there. If you don't like that option, than cropping would be my second choice.

I had the background lighter previously, but the consensus was that there was not enough detail there and it would be better off cropping it out or darkening it completely, which I have done. There actually is plenty of detail there, but it's noisy and flat and doesn't look good to my eye...

I have already cropped it a fair bit as well, from 4:3 ratio down to 3:2, are you suggesting to go further?

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