Ok, here is the breakdown of lens and my honeymoon, Im looking at getting 1 more

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Ok, here is the breakdown of lens and my honeymoon, Im looking at getting 1 more

Sorry for the long post ahead of time.

I am going on my Honeymoon September 9th.  (thanks for the well wishes everyone)

I am heading to London (1 night) Paris (2 nights) Athens (1 night) Greek Islands (7 nights) London (1 night)

Camera Body- e-620

Lens-  14-42 (kit lens) 40-150mm (kit) 70-300mm, and OM 50mm 1.8 (Made in Japan)

I am looking to have a lens for when we walk around London/Paris/Athens (Day and Night, which i heard the Sigma and the MK2 could both handle one better then the other obviously), and one that I can take good portraits with landscape in the background for the Greek Islands. I was thinking of the Sigma 30mm 1.4 but I already have the 50mm OM, obviously the 30mm with the AF would be nice to have for quick shots and what not, but then for some reason I've been thinking I should focus on finding a 14-54 mk2 instead of investing in the sigma 30mm. I do not plan on taking all of them, unless you guys suggest I do, but I see no need for a 70-300 when I can have the 40-150.

so my question to all of you would be, what lens's should I take?? and which lens should I concentrate on purchasing before??

30mm Sigma or look for a 14-54mm MK2 at a good price??

Since getting my OM 50mm, its been stationary on my 620 if that helps any.

-Thanks again everyone

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