On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: fair enough

So when it comes to that, any discussion of the only new camera to use 4/3 lenses must me brought to the m43 forum, and we can only discuss the lenses themselves, and discontinued cameras here.  Perhaps you should petition for a moderator's position, so you can ban anyone who dares mention that other system?

No, I'm not gloating, just being a realist.  I do hope Olympus surprises us, but it's looking less likely

They could have slapped the Sony sensor into an E-x body and been done w it, a new camera for almost no R&D

But it seems like they'll do what they've been promising for several years- one beautiful system, one camera that will work w all 4/3 and m43 lenses.

Sure, I could be wrong, but you can't accuse me of raising false hopes.

Dropping the new sensor into the E-5 is not a small job. You might as well redesign the whole camera. It would be that different in terms of work. Oly should improve every aspect of the camera and not do an E-3 to E-5 update...

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