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Re: Dave, Come on!

Chato wrote:

bigrgib wrote:

Chato wrote:

Do you know anything about weight lifting competition? Well, I know very little. What I DO know is that there's no money to be made unless you're in the heavyweight divisions. Yet you talk as if I should have spent my life doing this.

No, no. You misread me. I'm just saying that you lie about your strength and that's very childish for an old man.

Should have perhaps gone out for the Olympics? Maybe found a sponsor? Went to a fancy university with a program? So, I know very little - You know nothing.

I was into lifting weights very briefly back in 1972 when I worked as an installation man for Atlantic Boiler. Complete waste of time...

Don't say that, Atlantic Boiler paid you, didn't the?

But just working for that company was "working out" eight, ten hours a day. The strongest man I ever met in my life, and a legend in the trade was a pencil thin guy whom we just called "Jonesey."

But what would you know about physical labor? As you've demonstrated with these posts - Nothing at all...

You sound like the guy who spends the day telling BS stories to the newbies, so we can safely assume that I know more about hard work, physical and intellectual, than you.

I will educate you about weight lifting...

Weight lifters come in all kinds of body types...

130 pound divisions

And record vary accordingly. Grabbing a 220 lb from the ground and putting it overhead is what superheavyweights do at the atlas stones event WSM competition in

Different body types of weight lifers...

Body types

Me at the age of 26

And of course, an article about me taking on Two members of the TPF, and a hired goon from Kurmco...

I have no reason to BS about myself.

You don't but still do about yourself and most things.

And I realized as soon as you didn't PM me that you actually thought I was BSing. Of course, like anyone I may mispeak.

No, mispeaking is claiming that you bench press 300 lb, and when called on it, clarifying that it was 40 years ago and that you don't remember the weight exactly but seemed an awful lot. What you've done is repeat the same BS for more than one year.

Mispeaking is claiming that the Romans changed the climate in the Iberian peninsula and were the cause of climate extremes and,  when asked about sources or what climate extremes you're talking about, admitting that you aren't really sure about that. What you do is the repeat the same BS, etc.

On the other hand I NEVER BS.

I think you're lying now, I don't want to accept that you believe it. It'd be too sad.


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