On the apparent upcoming high end OMD that will "dub" as the 4/3rds hybrid

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Re: How is it "positively cheap"

Haider wrote:

Hi Raist,

Sorry by the 7D I meant the EOS-5D Mark III.

Well, ok, but that's still a FF camera.

As for 35mm I believe Nikon and Cnon have positioned that to be there Pro range. You can buy low range 35mm DSLRs at price points which would have been APS a couple of years back. By-the-way being pedantic 4/3rds is full-frame:)

I have had 4/3rds since the e-300, so I know what you mean by FF. but truth is the term FF is used to represent the 35mm sensor size equivalent. We can say all cameras by the definition of 4/3rds are full frame including the Pentax Q if we go by that. You know what I mean

It doesn't really matter comparing 35mm to 4/3rds. For a budget what are you getting?

It sure does. I am sorry but you can't compare something like a D4 to a 4/3rds.  That doesn't mean the 4/3rds isn't with an OMD sensor a very capable camera, but there are other features a D4 has that makes it cost what it is.

I got an Oly E-520, Zuiko 14-54mm MK1, Zuiko 40-150mm and an FL-36r OR I could have got a Nikon D90 with a single kit lens bundle. For low-light I had the FL-36r and 28mm f2.8, DOF control 28mm f2.8, 40mm f3.5. If their competitors are spending the camera budget on a 35mm sensor may be Oly should spend the budget on a bigger buffer, more sophisticated AF system, or free battery grips.

The competitors spend the money in all the categories you mentioned, not just the sensor size.

Bundle an E-7 with the Zuiko 14-35 f2 zoom, Zuiko 50-200mm F2.8 and Fl-600. Offer the above choice against an EOS-5D Mark 3 with a single f2.8 Zoom.

Well, it all depends what someone is looking for. If they are looking for FF image quality and DOF control well then. Etc.



Now you're getting my point it's not just the sensor size that makes a true pro camera. E-x are semi-pro or as I call them pro-am cameras. I think after the E-3 it would have been good for Oly to produce an all out pro camera with all the knobs and buttons etc...Having handled one I can understand why pros use them. They are just to big for me to carry around as I'm an amateur's amateur.

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