1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Re: What are the future cameras from Olympus?

dave gaines wrote:

I got what you said. I'm not ready to answer the question until I see what's released. I think the question is premature.

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Thanks for this answer.

I actually wanted to ask the question now, and not after something new is released, as I don't want last year's situation to repeat itself. Bashers are bashers, there will always be enough to drive people nuts. You can't be too thick skinned, it's usually the same people.

What happened last year was that people who legitimately use both systems (as far as camera bodies go) took the blunt of the anti-bashers response long after the bashers were gone. The situation was a bit like in "My cousin Vinny", where the two kids never knew what hit them and had to pay for someone else's deeds.

My take is that making the lens the major common denominator, not the body, is the one way to preserve this forum the way it is, without at the same time closing it to the future.

Any other criteria (viewfinder type, AF system, mount type) is bound to become obsolete and dropped at some point. For what it's worth, I don't believe there will be camera bodies at all in 10-15 years We'll have a lens cap, and all the controls and power supply will be on a comfortable grip somewhere on the lens, allowing us to hold it well, while the info (image included) will come on a pair of glasses. Call me crazy

But even if that happens, the lens will be the same

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