1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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Re: 1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

I like what I read and very good questions/assumptions.

Personally I'm not a gear junkie.  I take photos and I find that "old" Oly DSLR's quench my thirst.  And a part of that thurst is to improve my craft and the way I do that is to post in a specific forum where feedback will be constructive and valid as those commenting/critiquing have used (or still use) the gear I have, so I learn.

And the learning process is coupled with a vibrant forum that makes for even more learning.  I might not participate a lot in gear or politics threads but I do read and what I read is 99% heartening and useful.  So what of that 1%?  Well this forum title gives the onus of the poster to see that it is a DSLR forum and there are 1% of posters here that stray in their thinking, and post/lambast other systems, be them Oly or whatever.  All kudos for them, but I do see that largely this forum handles those intrusions very well (most ignore).

So what are the options??  It really doesn't matter to me what the forum name and content it is, that's up to folks to decide, but I do think that if we continually create offshoots we create mess.  Has anyone ever entertained what DPR will do with their forum structure?  They might decide to scrap the two fora and merge them into one solely Olympus Forum.  Their call and one I think worth the doing.

Why??  Well it might just give each supporter of either system the ability to share their specific techniques and results and we'll see a friendly rivalry develop between the two system users AND each will grow from the experience.  The reason there were flame wars here over the two systems wasn't about mFT ore 4/3 but people not being readily able to accept the intrusion on "their patch" - politics.

So what am I asking?

1. DPR merge both fora.

2. Both system users be more willing to share Olympus gear/images (or as stated other bodies that handle either lenses) and share their experiences and techniques so we all grow.

3.  Return respect for all concerned.  Remember we are Olympus Users not Olympus Forum Abusers.



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