1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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dave gaines
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What are the future cameras from Olympus?

goblin wrote:

dave gaines wrote:

... Wait for an official announcement.

Dear Mr Gaines


My question comes with a big IF, and the answer should be quite simple - ...

Hi Goblin,

I understood your question. I just think it's too soon to know. Let's see what the new cameras really are before we asssume it fits in with an SLR forum. You asked the question and that's my answer.

I mentioned the negativity we got here in the past from m4/3 adopters. It's rearing it's ugly head again. There's a lot of guessing, speculation, rumors and wishful thinking to go with it this time because no official announcement of the camera has been made yet. People are again saying 4/3 is dead before they see what's coming. If this is what we're going to get, negativity towards 4/3, then no, I don't welcome the m4/3 camera here on Olympus SLR Tak forum.

Yes, I also believe Olympus will announce both a new OM-D and a DSLR very soon. They can't possibly handle 4/3 lenses in the same way, with the same performance. No one has accomplished PDAF with a MILC as well as a DSLR yet and it's not likely to happen right now. If they do release an E-7 with a new sensor and improved AF and CAF there would be no urgent need for an OM-D to focus 4/3 lenses as fast as an E-5. If it happens sometime in the future that would be great.

I got what you said. I'm not ready to answer the question until I see what's released. I think the question is premature.

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