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Re: Don't be such a dick

Chato wrote:

bigrgib wrote:

Chato wrote:

bigrgib wrote:

Chato wrote:

Less than 24 hours. Be there.

PM me.

No need, I have more than enough of your internet yapping. You have a time (got 7 hours to get ready) and a place. You know what to do. Be there.


Clearly, you're simply pulling on johnson's dick. He's already ruined his keyboard. If you don't PM me, I have better things to do then walk around the park with a camera,

Are you sure?

waiting for you to fly in from Spain.

Now I'm in Spain?

If you think so, it would be very dishonest of you to propose a challenge that cannot take place and then call me an asshle for not taking the bet, right?

'Sides I travel a lot. See you in 8 hours.

You challenged me A-hole...

Just pushed the button that forced you to admit that you've been reading my posts all along despite publicizing that I'd made into your ignore list.

Yeah, you're that predictable.

It also highlighted the ridiculousness of playing internet tough guy, it's cheap and serves no purpse (I mean if someone bitch slapped you until you cried, which would be the likely thing, you were not be a less smart or dishonest poster, not that this is possible).

I wasn't expecting that from you, to be honest.

Things like this scream troubled character, have it checked, bro.

And what triggered it was my (once again) making a fool of you over such a simple thing as repairing heating systems. And once again, you sounded off on a subject you know nothing about.

I do know that maintenance guys do not pass strength tests to get the job and they're not expected to overhead press 200lb + manually by themselves.


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