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Re: Dave, Come on!

bigrgib wrote:

Chato wrote:

bigrgib wrote:

Chato wrote:

I'm surprised at the reaction to a simple statement of fact.

I think it's pretty common to call BS when the statement of fact is a lie.

Now it may be that I CAN'T press 300 pounds now.

Yeah, it might be that you can't. Nothing wrong with that, though. If you could, you'd be competing with American recordsmen of your category:

Yeah, I was pretty sure that's close to a record. Of course it's NOT a record.

Long time since I worked out with weights. On the other hand, last Winter, I had to lift a 223 pound motor over my head, slip it into it's housing, and then while holding it up with one arm, catch the bolts to hold it in place.I suppose you doubt that as well?

How could I? that is totally believable too.

Yet it's part of my job

Sure. Here's a suggestion: make this part of your equipment. It's a game changer.

Shows how little you know about repair work. Good for you. You know nothing about many subjects but are an expert in all of them.

Now this is NOT the boiler room in question, but it should give even an empty headed A-hole like yourself an understanding of why one man working alone at 10 PM can't use such a machine...

And BTW 223 lb is the weight of the first stone in the atlas stones event of the world's strongest man competition-

Your resemblance with the white dude is uncanny.

But do me a favor, and take me up on my bet.

Anything for you, Dave. What's the bet? Because, it certainly ain't anything related with bench pressing, is it?

No, just proof about how tough I am.

Surely you could survive never posting here again?

I'm not sure, after being the top poster for a decace and all. Oh, wait, that was you?

If you wont take the bet, than you really ought to STFU. Don't you think that would be appropriate?

I mean I offered to post PROOF, not merely my words. Of course you WON'T STFU, and you WON'T take the bet - And thus you prove that you ARE a A-hole.


Do you know anything about weight lifting competition? Well, I know very little. What I DO know is that there's no money to be made unless you're in the heavyweight divisions. Yet you talk as if I should have spent my life doing this. Should have perhaps gone out for the Olympics? Maybe found a sponsor? Went to a fancy university with a program? So, I know very little - You know nothing.

I was into lifting weights very briefly back in 1972 when I worked as an installation man for Atlantic Boiler. Complete waste of time...

But just working for that company was "working out" eight, ten hours a day. The strongest man I ever met in my life, and a legend in the trade was a pencil thin guy whom we just called "Jonesey."

But what would you know about physical labor? As you've demonstrated with these posts - Nothing at all...


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