1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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dave gaines
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The future of Olympus SLR Talk is a premature question

I agree with your recap of the history, with an addition. The m4/3 adopters made themselves unwelcome here on 1022 by proclaiming the DSLR system to be dead and a lousy camera. They claimed 4/3 had nothing to offer, we should all abandon ship and adopt m4/3. They did it on every post they could. It was ugly and destructive for a forum dedicated to Olympus SLR Talk. We've seen the negativity again for the last couple of weeks, since we learned that there will probably be another OM-D released this year.

The Olympus DSLR and 4/3 is alive and well, TYVM. We've had announcements from Corporate Olympus that an upgrade to the E-5 is planned for this year. Nothing official from Corporate Olympus was announced or stated that an E-5 upgrade and the optimization of 4/3 lenses is going to be an improved m4/3 MILC.

We don't know much of anything about the next OM-D except that it will cost more. No one knows if it will focus 4/3 lenses any better than the E-P5. A lot of speculation and rumors have been thrown about as if they were true, but we don't know what it will feature until we see it. Then it will to have to be released so we can test it with 4/3 lenses. It's one thing for Olympus to say "World's Fastest Autofocus", under certain conditions with one ideal lens. It's another thing to actually see how slowly it focuses lenses like the 50-200 or 35-100.

We'll all know soon enough. Something will be announced by mid-September. If it's not a DSLR, an announcement about 4/3 and the future of DSLRs wil be made. If the announcement is that a DSLR is coming then we'll have a bright future here, with our 4/3 system. If they try to say that a new OM-D is the future for using 4/3 lenses, we will still have a lot of good E-system cameras to use for years to come.

If Olympus announces an OM-D Enthusiast's cam that can focus faster than any DSLR on the planet, a lot of us will still be shooting with our humble yet efficient E-5, E-3, E-30, E-620, E-520, E-420, E-330, .... E-1s - all the 4/3 DSLRs.

The sooner all this speculation, guessing and wishful thinking stops the better. Have patience and wait a couple of weeks for Olympus to  release a new camera or several cameras that answer all of our questions. Wait for an official announcement.

Hopefully we can get back to posting photos here and discussing photo techniques soon.

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