Help with USB disk repair

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Help with USB disk repair

I have 1TB Lacie Quadra USB-2 drive with (I think) a badly smashed MBR.

First, the good news: I do not need any data off this disk. I would like to reformat and use it.

If I connect it to a Win 7 system, Device Manager does recognize the device.

Disk manager sees it too but if I try to initialize it, I get an "Incorrect function" error.

I have tried a bunch of other tools without any success. My Linux Mint system and Gparted don't see the drive at all.

I tried MBRWizard and that reported:

Disk: 9 MBR/GPT: None
Size: 0.00Bytes CHS: 0 0 0
Sectors: 0 Disk Signature: 0x00000000
Partitions: 0 Partition Order:
Media Type: Fixed Interface: USB
Description: LaCie d2 quadra
No partitions found on this disk

and an attempted Repair operation gave:

Error 505: Unable to save the specified sectors to the selected disk

So I'm thinking the drive has lost its geometry information and thinks it's has 0 sectors in which to write a new MBR.

The hardware was working yesterday -- the problem arose following an accidental unsafe removal when my kid tripped over the USB cable

Any suggestions?

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