Dilemma: Picking a camera under $800 (PL5,nex6,G6,D5200...)

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Re: Dilemma: Picking a camera under $800 (PL5,nex6,G6,D5200...)

Personally, I went with the G6 for the various improvements over the G5- per the Preview here on DPReview.  I had the NEX-6 and sold it on eBay because I hated the user interface.  The interface on the G6 is much better, though I still like Canon's UI best.  If I had known about the GX7 I would have waited for that.  Looks to be the cross between a G6 and an NEX.  Figures that damn thing is announced just a few weeks after I bought my G6.  Though I do like the G6's articulating screen for selfies.  the GX7 LCD doesn't flip out.  The other thing is the price of the GX7 us too high.  I think you probably did well with the G5, given the deal you got.  I was tempted, but... decided the changes were important enough in the G6 to go with it, instead.  I just started playing with it, so the jury is still out for me.  I'm not liking it as much as I thought I would, to be honest. The touch screen is not as intuitive as I thought it would be.  As I recall, it's not obvious how to change the ISO.  Also, some of the on-screen options are tiny and hard to select. My main complaint, though, is that I didn't realize the Micro 4/3rds system is 2x, not 1.5x.  So getting a wide-angle lens is virtually impossible.  I'm talking a fairly "standard" 24mm you can get on a lot of P&S's.  That would mean a 12mm lens.  Nothing out there that's reasonably priced and good quality IQ.  On the other hand, the G6 does have a good panoramic feature...  At the end of the day, though, on a recent bz trip I decided to bring a cmaera with me- something a little better than my phone camera.  What camera did I grab?  My pocket P&S Canon I paid $100 for.  8X zoom with good video and fits in my pocket.  So...  The Sony R100 was good, but I sold that one, too.  Lack of a VF just doesn't cut it, and I want lens options.

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