1022 future developments: I want to ask this BEFORE any new cameras are released

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What do you want 4/3 and 1022 to become?

The cold hard fact is... In the current situation, there is probably not enough of a market to fully support the development of a first rate 4/3 DSLR. Not today, not with Oly's limited resources, not with where E system sales are.

All I can say to the more stalwart is: open your mind and give the OMD-Pro a try. Judge based on fact, not innuendo. You may be pleasantly surprised. I had the same concerns I hear voiced around here: the EVF, the small size, the little buttons, handling. I found that, other than the slow AF, the concerns were not evident when I put HG and SHG onto a gripped OMD.

No ulterior motive in saying that - in fact I should encourage the doom and gloom, to get better prices on the ZD's that I'd like to get. Seriously - ZD on OMD worked far better than I expected it to.

So that leaves 1022... long the home of beautiful photographs, and intelligent discussions on improving photographs. Now that most of the other brand trolls aren't coming around to dance on the carcass, most of the irritating chat is gone.

In contrast, 1041 is a lot of gear banter, plus 'my specific situation' whining, plus DSLR trolls (and yes, some familiar names appear in that category) plus fanboy wars. Granted, fanboy wars within M43 are utterly silly, the gear all works together, but fanboys are both determined and obtuse.

Perhaps the most stark contrast between the two: when Panasonic brought out the L1 and L10, plus the fabulous PL lenses, that sort of thing never came up here. Not even a hint of it. I regard that to be a testament to the maturity and clear vision of the participants.

The forum will evolve to whatever it will be. I would like to see it adapt to the new platform, and focus on the high end glass, what can be done with that, both ZD zooms and MZD primes. The way things are looking, it will be that or nothing. 1041 does not have the community that exists here. I would especially like to see the same civil, thoughtful responses that characterize this group.

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