The tired canard of "Jealousy"

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The tired canard of "Jealousy"

Occasionally there are a few people who claim that some of us are jealous of their purchases or wealth and that is why we don’t revel with them in their GAS or continuous acquisitions. Some even advise us to go out and get a job. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you have the means and enjoy your hobby… then great. But I don’t envy you, nor do I want to join your in your chorus.

I feel a bit sad and embarrassed for those who have to rush out and buy the latest trinket, post a ‘box-opening’ ceremony on YouTube, snap a few mediocre pictures, act as a learned pundit pontificating on the strengths and weakness of the equipment and then go and sell it and start over again. Some even repurchase the same model that they shortly sold earlier.

Would I want to be like you? No. Just like I wouldn’t want to be like a man-of-means who goes out and buys a Stradivarius Violin, plucks out “Happy Birthday” and gushes about the superb tone and quality. Perhaps a better choice for these folks would be to buy expensive wine. The only requirement for them to be accepted as an educated critic would be for them to drink it and then crow about their refined palate. But those who don’t learn the art of photography, who don’t use their equipment, and whose only strengths and skills are the ability to whip out their credit card and press the shutter, shouldn’t expect much respect. You aren’t a photographer; you are just a man who owns a camera.

You do provide a service, however. By being the first to own, others can gain more information about the equipment. You experience the feeling of accomplishment when folks search you out to ask you questions.

There are skills and wonders in the art to explore. Why not use the equipment instead of flattering your vanity.

If you want to be a collector or trader, then great. But please stop insinuating that those who don’t admire you are jealous or bitter.

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