RX100 M2 $749 MSRP

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Re: Seems just like the original RX100 but for the

Your hands can tilt an RX100, but the screen tilts with it. If you're shooting from a high angle (like holding the camera above your head) or very low, you can do AND still see the viewfinder so you can composite the shot properly (and not guess.)

I just had one photo of myself recently sent to me from an i5 that was indoors with normal indoor lighting (flash off). It's noisy and blurry as hell, so I don't know who or what is saying that the camera on that phone is "awesome". While brightly lit photos aren't bad, most cameras aren't "terribly bad" in the daytime either. It's almost as noisy / poor lowlight performance as my Galaxy Nexus camera.

Don't forget that if you choose a different phone, you do this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4r_5CQXS6M&t=166with the mk2

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